Our philosophy

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Making happy memories!

Honeybees is a place that provokes creativity, fun and learning in a Reggio inspired and eco friendly environment, focusing on natural materials and organically evolving experiences. A space where we view children as confident, capable learners; where passionate qualified teachers support and enable children to learn alongside one another; and where children are encouraged to explore their richly resourced environment in a meaningful context. Above all we will treasure every moment of each child’s journey as they develop and grow; learning about their world, sharing in the magic and wonder, and making happy memories.

We are inspired by
the Reggio philosophy

The Reggio approach to early childhood education has attracted international attention and numerous awards celebrating its success, due to its holistic, naturally evolving approach.

At the core of this philosophy is a view that children are endowed with “a hundred languages”, through which they can express their ideas. The aim of the Reggio approach is to help children explore these symbolic languages and to ensure the magic of play, imagination and sensory exploration is their foundation.

The philosophy is based on principles of respect, responsibility and community, effected through creativity and curiosity in a supportive and enriching environment, and driven by the interests of the children. It is an approach that focuses on a childs natural development, and is directed by the childs interests, taking the view that learning must make sense to the child in order to be effective and meaningful.

Our Role

As teachers in a Reggio inspired centre, we see it as our role to discover, support and extend the childrens interests. We do this through observation, reflection and collaboration, so that the children are supported into deeper experiences and understandings of themselves and the world around them.

We'd love for you to experience our environment!