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Our days are filled with fun

When your child joins Honeybees their days will be filled with adventures – learning and exploring within our family-orientated surroundings. Here is a selection of a few of the daily activities…


Weekly Playball, Dance & Music sessions are held onsite here at Honeybees.


The undercover terrace allows us to get active outside regardless of the weather.


We have a wonderful dramatic play area filled with delightful dress-ups.

Off to school

We ensure children are school ready with lots of exposure to books, maths games, and early writing skills.


We hold weekly Playball lessons with our regular coaches Zoe & Annie and weekly Jitterbubs Dance and Music classes with Emily.


Music, dance and movement opportunities are available for your child to get involved in throughout the day – we like to have a good boogie! We will encourage your child’s creative side with our interesting range of musical instruments from all over the globe, as they explore the marvelous world of music.


We like to be active and physical, so our outdoor environment is designed to be flexible, safe, inviting and challenging. The undercover deck allows us to get active and outside regardless of the weather, so your child doesn’t miss out on that valuable stress busting exercise time!

Building blocks

The block area is well stocked with a multitude of natural wooden blocks, bamboo blocks, hand crafted animals and dinosaurs, trains, cranes, lego, mobilo… everything a child desires to build enormous constructions or intricate structures!


We have a wide range of art activities available at all times for the children to freely access. Art processes are widely used in the Reggio approach, and there are never ending opportunities for the children to express their ideas through different mediums of art, such as watercolors, oils, acrylics, charcoals, pastels, chalk, pencils, collage, and more!

Water play

Our undercover deck allows for water play activities to be regularly set up and for your child to have all day access to our massive sandpit (even when its raining!). It is stocked with spades, rakes, buckets and of course a big yellow digger – they will be stacking, digging, pouring, counting and sorting for hours!


We have a wonderful dramatic play area filled with delightful dress-ups; covering fantasy, animal, cultural, and occupational themes, and of course lots of accessories. Endless hours of imaginative play is to be had as your child gets lost in a fantasy world of pirates, fairies, firemen, doctors, animals, fairytales and more!

Puzzling puzzles

We have an amazing array of manipulative puzzles, carefully selected to encourage a wide range of skills. Open ended puzzles, knob puzzles, shape puzzles, geometric puzzles, manipulative threading, 3-dimensional and more… come and see if you’re up to the challenge of the huge rainbow conical tower puzzle from Germany!


Excursions out of the centre will be arranged from time to time as part of your childs learning experience. These excursions might be a part of a current project or interest area. Excursions are a great chance for your child to engage with their community, explore the world, and go on exciting adventures!

We'd love for you to experience our environment!


Introducing children to the world of technology while they are young helps them build a foundation in this technological world that we live in today. We think its important for children to be ready for the future so they can go on to be the next generation of robot programmers!

Off to school

We ensure children are ready for their big day with lots of exposure to books, maths games, and early writing skills. Encouraging independence is the name of the game, and we love to build confidence with this so your child will be ready for action and learning at school!